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If you are new to genealogy you might not have heard of Legacy Family Tree.  It is a comprehensive genealogy software program to help you organize and publish all the data you are collecting. I've used this for over ten years of the 30 plus years I've been into genealogy.   I've used many genealogy programs and found just one that I really love.   I thought you might like to know about Legacy to save you time and money.

In as few words as possible, I'm going to describe why LegacyFamilyTree software is my absolute favorite software for keeping track of my family tree.  Let's say you have a collection of notes, newspaper articles, census records, photos, etc. and the pile is growing.   First I recommend purchasing a copy of LegacyFamilyTree.  If you want you can download a free version, to try it out.   When you've played with it, there will be a point where you'll want the additional features of the inexpensive full version.

Next you'll want to let file folders and a container or filing cabinet to store them in.   Number the first paper you have with a one.   Number the 2nd with a 2, etc.   If you have electronically saved files, change their names to something like EL-1, EL-2, etc. with the EL standing for electronic sourcing.    This or any coding system you devise will be able to be added to any record or event in LegacyFamilyTree to help you locate each source you list in Legacy.   It's very important to keep track of your sources in genealogy as they tell you how sure you are of the data you enter.  That is one of the things I really like about Legacy.  It has a form for each type of source to ensure that you are entering sources in complete bibliographic format.  There is a note field for each source which I find handy as that's where I'll jot that I've found many errors in a particular source or that it was a well documented email.... that kind of thing.   In any case, I might be putting the cart before the horse.  How do you enter records?

You'll start by entering the main person you want all ancestors or descendants to work from.   Who you choose, doesn't really matter as the program can sort any info from whomever you look up at the time.   You'll enter their data in an individual record screen.  Legacy will use this data (which you can add to or update at any time) to create their pedigree charts, their descendant charts, their time lines, or basically any chart you could ever want.  This program will include your sources on the charts if you want.  Sources can be a bibliographic listing or footnotes.   Legacy takes care of the formatting.   You don't have to pay attention to all those "English Class" details as this program creates a very professional product from what you've entered.

You can link pictures to any individual or event that will also be included in any published means you create with Legacy.  This is one of the things I absolutely love about Legacy.  It allows me to print off a personalized book in pedigree format for any relative.  It would just as easily allow me to publish a book of the descendants of an immigrant ancestor.  Books include title pages, tables of contents, any format in the middle you choose, sourcing and a complete index.   Each page can be printed on two sides per sheet if you choose for professional publication.   Books printed by this program include pictures, photos, xerox copies ... anything you ask Legacy to include.  

Producing web pages are fantastically easy.  They have 5 different formats like Descendants, Ancestors, and my favorite - Pedigree.   Pedigree is a format that shows each individual's descendants, spouses and children all on the same page.   You can see an example of this last format on my own home page at Ancestrees.com  Maybe we are cousins!

What do I love about LegacyFamilyTree?  Practically everything.

  • It's easy to use.
  • It gives great flexibility.
  • The deluxe version has a wonderful relationship calculator that tells how any 2 persons in your database are related.
  • It has a spell checker.
  • It has program functions to catch date, place and individual duplication errors.
  • The deluxe version also has an outstanding geographical gazetteer that lets you look up any places' county, state and country in the context of time to give complete place names for when an event occurred.
  • It keeps track of all the connections and sources.
  • It has all the charts and printouts and publication choices I could ever want.
  • It has the ability to handle an unlimited number of individuals, *biographies and sources in one's database.  I literally have over 30 pages of bio on some individuals that it handles with no problem at all.  Legacy will grow with you for a lifetime.
  • Legacy provides wonderful online and over the phone support.   This is a huge plus.
  • It's an American company.  They don't outsource their support people.
  • It handles all family relationships including adopties and children from unwed parents.
  • Legacy is a powerful yet easy tool to learn to use.   Enjoy it one step at a time.  It's treasures will keep unfolding.  
  • LegacyFamilyTree is inexpensive to boot.  
In my book,

Legacy Family Tree

is obviously the best genealogy software program available.  

by Linda Coate

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